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EBIT Consult s.r.o.

Mariánské náměstí 480/5, Ostrava - Mariánské Hory

Ing. Marcela Lochmanová

Bastlova 26, Ostrava 30

TCL Consulting, a.s.

Taxation, accounting, insurance and information technology.

Polanecká 847/49a, Ostrava (Ostrava-Svinov)

Ing. Miroslava Veselá

Vítovka č. p. 36, Odry


Raisova 892/7, Ostrava - Mariánské Hory

Komfort daně s.r.o.

Bookkeeping, tax accounting, inventory control, payroll. Processing all types of tax returns, deferral of tax returns. Advice. Preparation of financial analysis podniku.Manažerské accounts.

Klegova 771/19, Ostrava

Agentka administrativy

Daliborova 426/25, Ostrava-Mar. Hory

Centrum hypotečního poradenství, s.r.o. (Branch Ostrava)

Přemyslovců 462/6, 709 00 Ostrava-Mariánské Hory, Ostrava

HP taxation, s.r.o.

Brandlova 6, Ostrava

Martin Plachetka, oddlužení

Non-bank loans to workers, pensioners and rentier.

Střelniční 77/10, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)


Brokering and lending, construction and real estate activities, recovery and receivables management, administrative activities

Václava Košaře 32, Ostrava

Allianz - pojišťovací poradce

V. Jiřikovského 30, Ostrava

RE/START reality a finance

Nádražní 213/10, Ostrava

Daniel Lištvan

28.října 829/270, Ostrava-Mariánské Hory

Centrum hypotečního poradenství, s.r.o.

We provide comprehensive advice on mortgages. We are totally independent, we choose from all banks and building societies in the market. We solve all types of loans. We operate in the Moravian region with headquarters in Ostrava.

Přemyslovců 462/6, Ostrava

Daniel Lištvan

Providing national and international transport.

28.října 829/270, Ostrava (Ostrava-Mariánské Hory a Hulváky)

Daniel Lištvan

I provide non-bank loans and advances.

28.října 829/270, Ostrava (Ostrava-Mariánské Hory a Hulváky)

Ladislav Sýkora, poradenství v oblasti investic

Advice on investments, insurance and pension schemes.

Nová 2111/39, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

TPA Horwath

Audit, Tax Consulting, International Tax Consulting, Corporate Finance Consulting, Transaction Support, Valuation and Expert´s activities, Risk Management, IFRS Reporting, Bookkeeping, Payroll Administration, Accounting and Tax Education

Hrušovská 20, Ostrava

Ing. Gleichová Gabriela

Zelená 382, Velká Polom

Ing. Pavel Jalůvka, daňový poradce

Service tax adviser.

Dr.Malého 2649/31, Ostrava (Ostrava-Vítkovice)

HD Progres, a.s.

We provide design, engineering and supply work in construction, expert opinions, diagnosis and inspection of structures. We provide accounting, tax and economic services, accounting, tax records, payroll, accounting and economic consultancy.

Pražákova 340/3, Ostrava (Ostrava-Mariánské Hory a Hulváky)

Ing. Bc. Kateřina Mlýnská, daňový poradce

Service tax adviser.

Oty Synka 1845/19, Ostrava (Ostrava-Poruba)

Ekotom Bohemia, s.r.o.

We offer accounting, including tax records, but also wages and human resources. We return, including advice on accounting, taxes, marketing. Complete management of companies in the fields of economy, trade, marketing outsourcing.

Pavlovova 611/40, Ostrava (Ostrava-Jih-Zábřeh)

NLB Factoring, a.s.

Offers domestic, export and import factoring, and credit in combination with operational funding.

Gorkého 3037/2, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

ČAPEK - WinDUO, s.r.o.

We provide accounting software for business and tax records, financial institutions, contributory and non-profit organizations. It contains the basic agenda, including reports and statements. Multiverze and network versions. WinDUO Gratis (up to 1500 documents per year) free of charge.

Chittussiho 734/13, Ostrava (Slezská Ostrava)

Unibon - spořitelní a úvěrní družstvo

We offer term deposits, savings accounts, current accounts, credit cards and loans to clients who are looking for safe and profitable return on savings. Deposits insured by the Act on Banks. Account management and other services free of charge. Branches also in Slovakia and Poland.

Velká 2984/23, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

Ing. Hana Kučerová, daňový poradce

Tax Advisor provides legal assistance and economic advice in financial matters, taxes, levies, fees and other similar payments, as well as in matters that are directly related to taxation.

Hasičská 551/52, Ostrava (Ostrava-Jih-Hrabůvka)

Ing. Svatava Richtarová ev.č. 884,daňový poradce

I am a tax consultant. Provides legal assistance and economic advice in financial matters, taxes, levies, fees and other similar payments, as well as in matters directly related to taxes.

Ruská 1142/30, Ostrava - Vítkovice

AVE Soft, s.r.o.

Creator of database and information system Evolio with CRM implementations. Awareness of customer care in relation to monitoring and evaluating sales channels.

Nádražní 535/15, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

Matinata, s.r.o.

We offer accounting and tax records, processing tax returns and wages. Also, tax and accounting advice, reconstruction of accounts, liquidation of companies.

Boleslavova 841/15, Ostrava (Ostrava-Mariánské Hory a Hulváky)


We provide non-bank loans and loans for up to 5 years in ensuring, with the possibility of early repayment. There are no entry fees for the processing. During the repayment period to repay interest and principal. Option refinance to a bank product.

Matiční 730/3, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

Motracom, s.r.o.

Motracom Company, Ltd. is a young, a purely Czech company, which operates in the Czech and Slovak market in financial services. Based on many years of experience, our company currently offers the work of claims, both in maturity and after maturity.

Dvořákova 937/26, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

Radomír Piskoř, pojišťovací služby

Services and Allianz insurance products.

Paskovská 258, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

I represent insurance company Allianz.

Dražby nemovitostí v exekuci

Ostrava-Mar. Hory

Services in the field of housing finance.


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