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Europrojekt build and technology, s.r.o.

We provide construction supervision. Authorized design and construction company offers project management and implementation: construction, renovation, houses on a turnkey, roof and water works - sewage treatment. We produce plastic windows, euro, gates and doors.

Hasičská 551/52, Ostrava (Ostrava-Jih-Hrabůvka)

Robert Marek Domino, okna a dveře

Delivery and isntalace windows, doors, blinds and parapets. Wide range of garage doors and shielding technology, transportation.

Válcovní 1689/34, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

Gluc PBS s.r.o.

Mlýnská 771, Klimkovice

Danex - Plast, s.r.o.

The company since its inception engaged in commercial activities in the field of plumbing materials for water distribution systems, heating, waste and sewer systems, and materials for heating. It adds a wide range of products in the field of water - heating - gas.

Novoveská 535/7, Ostrava (Ostrava-Mariánské Hory a Hulváky)

Antonín Grygar Thiel

Velké Albrechtice 201, Velké Albrechtice

Stavby COMPLET Technologic

Na Jánské 1869/56, Ostrava

Petr Mareček Artos - Kovovýroba

Powered by building locksmith.

Želazného 729/2, Ostrava (Slezská Ostrava-Muglinov)


Sales gate

Mastného 1035/6, Ostrava

RST - dea, s.r.o.

Purchase and sale of metallurgical materials, specializing in wire and wire products.

U Výtopny 2794/10, Ostrava - Zábřeh (Moravská Ostrava)

G-Sanita, s.r.o. (Branch Ostrava)

Sell bathrooms, sanitary ceramics, plumbing fittings, tiling and paving.

Hlubinská 1378/36, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

Lumír Motyka - Lumo

Manufacture, sale and installation of garage doors, grilles and shielding techniques.

Provozní 5494/4, Ostrava-Třebovice (Ostrava-Mariánské Hory a Hulváky)

Terno Firek, s.r.o.

In addition to plastic windows, wooden windows and aluminum windows in our offer we have a roof and windows, a wide range of indoor and outdoor entrance, window blinds, rolling and sectional garage doors and other accessories (shutters, blinds, nets against insects ...). Sales and installation.

Pobialova 1432/23, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

JS okna, s.r.o.

Manufacture, sale and installation of plastic windows and doors of a modern 5-komorového profile system Panorama 3000 and as a novelty from r.2009 7-chamber profile Panorama 7000, the central system of MD. Warranty and customer service.

Pod Nemocnicí 2233/9, Ostrava (Ostrava-Poruba)

Kirk, s.r.o.

Assembly and installation of sectional doors, including all accessories and equipment, automatic doors of aluminum profiles and vjezdových automatic gates and barriers of all types on the remote control.

Cihelní 2581/81, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

Clearmont, spol. s r.o.

Manufacture, sale and installation celoskleněných walls, glass walls and aluminum glass doors DORMA, fittings, windows and doors and extensions.

Slévárenská 407/20, Ostrava (Ostrava-Mariánské Hory a Hulváky)


Sales and rental of scaffolding LAYHER, assembly and disassembly lešesní, own transport vehicles, sale and rental of construction hoists and winches, sale schozů to building rubble, sale and rental of mobile fences.

Varšavská 1572/95, Ostrava (Ostrava-Mariánské Hory a Hulváky)

BMB Ocel, s.r.o.

Sale of metallurgical material, and especially the sale of steel, seamless, smooth, threaded 11353.11523, spirals. welded boiler and 12021 and 12,022th

Daliborova 432/3, Ostrava (Ostrava-Mariánské Hory a Hulváky)

PCV Alfa s.r.o.

PCV Alfa sro is a company founded in 1994. We offer a wide range of building materials for construction companies that are involved in the construction and repa...

Frýdecká 332, Ostrava (Slezská Ostrava-Kunčičky)

VELY - TREND, s.r.o.

Plastic windows and doors REHAU - delivery and assembly. We provide comprehensive services including dismantling, removal, environmental disposal of old windows and doors. We supply interior and exterior sills, předokenní shutters, blinds and nets against insects. Revitalization of residential and family houses.

Rudná 930/31, Ostrava (Ostrava-Jih-Zábřeh)

ENESPO, s.r.o.

Enespo Company, Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and assembly vjezdových gates, fence the fields, filling forged, drives for gates, gate latches, garage and i...

Buničitá 201/2, Vratimov

Richard Havel, stínící technika

Delivery and installation of shielding and entry techniques, including their accessories, parking systems.

K Myslivně 6056/2, Ostrava (Ostrava-Poruba)

K.B.K. fire, s.r.o.

Our company is engaged in providing comprehensive services in the field of fire safety of buildings in the Czech and Slovak Republics from the processing of project documentation, through the implementation of fire safety equipment and measures, preparing buildings for acceptance. Sales of fire systems and fans, fire protective coatings, skylights.

Rudná 1117/30a, Ostrava (Ostrava-Vítkovice)


Private Building Janík trading company was founded in 1991. Since the beginning of its existence, we are dealing with the sale of building materials. At presen...

Hlučínská 484/61, Ostrava

Udo SK.CZ, s.r.o.

Manufacture, sale and installation of plastic, aluminum and wood (EURO) windows, interior, exterior doors and door frames, elements of artistic blacksmithing. From January 2008 the company manufactures its own windows and doors with glass vlepovaným.

Rudná 778/74, Ostrava (Ostrava-Jih-Zábřeh)

ALUMONT plast s.r.o.

Production, sale, installation and service of plastic windows, doors and winter gardens, indoor and outdoor parapets, blinds and roller shutters.

Slavíkova 6068/18, Ostrava (Ostrava-Poruba)

JS konsorcium, s.r.o.

Manufacturer and supplier of shielding techniques, garage doors, gates vjezdových, networks against insects, roletových systems.

Vřesinská 128/40, Ostrava (Ostrava-Poruba)

MIDE Ostrava s.r.o.

Frýdecká 793, Ostrava

DPM - dekorativní podlahářství Morava, s.r.o.

Selling and laying of floor coverings. The firm offers refurbishment coverings, the entire surface of the bottom of the track, floor and all services associated with the fitting of floor coverings.

Masná 1398/3a, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

Dako, spol. s r.o.

Manufacture, sale and installation of wooden windows, euro and doors made of solid wood. Sale of fuel wood, dřvěných briquettes, wood drying.

Slovenská 1103/4, Ostrava


We supply wood, plastic and aluminum windows and doors, sectional garage doors, indoor and outdoor parapets, blinds, roller blinds and insect screens net. assem...

Zámecká 488/20, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

Ridera Bohemia, a.s.

Dealing with coal and coke, classified fuel Rembrandtin representation firms, a manufacturer of anti-coating systems, surface protection of steel.

28. října 2092/216, Ostrava (Ostrava-Mariánské Hory a Hulváky)

Satjam, s.r.o.

supplier of light metal roofing, trapezium plates, okapových systems, profiles, accessories and many other products used in construction.

Michalská 502/18, Ostrava (Slezská Ostrava)

Progress - Moravia, s.r.o.

PROGRESS-MORAVIA, sro is a member of industrial group Progress Industry Group, Poland - an exclusive representative for the Czech Republic. In addition to providing technical and business-consulting services for implementation, operation and servicing of products.

Slavíkova 1744/22, Ostrava (Ostrava-Poruba)


Czech manufacturer of thermal insulation and packaging materials of polyethylene foam materials and MIRELON brand of extruded polystyrene STARLON.

Mourová 114/7, Vratimov

FAMOS - plus

Sales and laying celodřevěných solid floors, wood and laminate floating floors. Renovation of wooden terraces.

Bohumínská 789/63, Ostrava (Slezská Ostrava)

Fenbau, s.r.o.

We produce the high-profile German and Belgian plastic and aluminum windows, doors and fire doors. Our specialization is the production of winter gardens. We pr...

Gajdošova 3112/59, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

EVROMONT PLAST, spol. s r.o.

Manufacture of plastic windows and doors, the production of aluminum windows, doors, landings and facades, the windows of the production of fiberglass composite material, disassembly and assembly of windows and parapets, the supply and installation of blinds and nets against insects, waste disposal.

Výhledy 25, Ostrava (Ostrava-Hošťálkovice)

A typ - Okna Dveře

Offer zateplování insulating double window. Sales and installation of wooden euro, plastic and hliníkovýc windows, indoor and outdoor doors.

28. října 359/210, Ostrava (Ostrava-Mariánské Hory a Hulváky)

HAPUR, spol. s r.o.

Manufacture - installation - service: sectional garage and industrial doors, gates rychlonavíjecí, balancing bridges, sealing collars, automatic doors, rolling doors and grilles, gates and barriers.

Elišky Krásnohorské 449/20, Ostrava


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