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Tělocvičná jednota Sokol Moravská Ostrava 1

The management of sports clubs. We cvičence sports events for all ages.

Sokolská třída 1918/46, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

Edukana, spolek

28. října 68/195, Ostrava - Mariánské Hory

Running GROUPS.

Running GROUPS.

Running GROUPS.

Operation GROUPS.

We provide sporting activities and events for all ages cvičence.

We provide sporting activities and events for all ages cvičence.

Support for education-learning process at school by the school work, ensuring efficient contact with the pupils' parents.

How-To is a civic association - the association of people who share a common intent, desire or longing. Currently, membership of about 50 people, which combines Christian love, ethics on the biblical foundations or appetite to do something useful.

Running GROUPS.

Operation GROUPS.

Association for young people with physical disabilities, their parents and friends.

Help & Support disabled fellow.

Charity events and leisure activities for children and young people, distribution of leaflets in the mailboxes, market research and public opinion.

Helping people with multiple sclerosis by means of medical rehabilitation and social counseling. Organization meeting of members and recondition stays.

The Group brings together people in order to organize sports activities.

Organizing leisure time activities, in particular children and youth and sports of golf competitions.

Running a sports club.

Operation of sports karate federation.

Civic Association of hope for all created on the 25th October 2007 and focuses on work with children, youth and persons with disabilities. In this association, ...

We are engaged in education and education of children, youth and adults means dramatic arts.

The association of owners of residential units.

The main goal of the association is to protect nature and landscapes and promote the improvement of the environment in Ostrava.

The supported employment for specific target groups of disadvantaged citizens / members of ethnic minorities, young people after the end of the Constitutional Education and the graduates of retraining courses zaměstnatelných difficult group of individuals on the territory of the city.

We provide sporting activities and events for all ages cvičence.

Operation GROUPS.

We support the integration of foreigners into Czech society.

We provide sporting activities and events for all ages cvičence.

The aim of the organization is Christian education of young people and children, particularly through sporting activities.

Horses hafling.

Educational movement for young people and children from 6 years of organizing meetings, trips, events and camps.

Hunting associations.

The operation not only of folklore newsletter gajdách and dudách.

The organization, which brings together those interested in sports, recreational and cultural activities in the area vodáckých disciplines and environmental protection.

We organize events and camps for children and youth with a focus on environmental education.

We provide personal and telephone counseling for parents, near and users of drugs. We offer a socio-legal advice.

RADAMOK is a democratic, voluntary associations, independent of political parties and movements, arising from the law number 83/1990 Coll. as amended (Section 1...

Our aim is to give people with physical disabilities the opportunity for self-fulfillment on sports fields. Vozíčkářů prefer rugby and athletics. Of course...

We owned the house.


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