Institutions and authorities


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Čujkovova 1736/30, Ostrava

Švabinského 1700/4, Ostrava

MUDr. Kateřina Šochová, Rehabilitační centrum Šenov

Vráclavská 1601, Šenov u Ostravy

Tělocvičná jednota Sokol Moravská Ostrava 1

The management of sports clubs. We cvičence sports events for all ages.

Sokolská třída 1918/46, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

Edukana, spolek

28. října 68/195, Ostrava - Mariánské Hory


Na Nivách 311/33, Ostrava - Zábřeh

Střední zahradnická škola Ostrava, příspěvková organizace

study in high school

Žákovská 288/20, Ostrava (Ostrava-Mariánské Hory a Hulváky)

Zdravotní ústav se sídlem v Ostravě

Public Health laboratory carrying out the sampling and chemical analysis. Clinical Laboratory.

Partyzánské náměstí 2633/7, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

Hare Krišna Ostrava

Jílovec 34, Fulnek

Industries - tourism, international trade, financial counseling, social insurance, financial management, accounting. Employed for long-distance form.

Soukromá vyšší odborná škola podnikatelská, s.r.o.

Study in the areas of business manager and an economist, manager operations, management of small and medium-sized enterprises through the three-year full-time and distance learning, the possibility of reduced Bachelor's study. Serve information on accommodation and catering.

Hasičská 545/44, Ostrava (Ostrava-Jih-Hrabůvka)

IUVENTAS - Soukromé gymnázium a Střední odborná škola, s.r.o.

8-year and 4-year school offers the field of educational, scientific, economic lycées. The possibility of distance learning. Native speakers are involved in teaching English. Classes are with a small number of pupils in the school environment. The choice of languages.

U Dvoru 1119/14, Ostrava (Ostrava-Mariánské Hory a Hulváky)

Art school for 230 pupils, with a focus on the teaching of musical and artistic disciplines.

The aim of the organization is Christian education of young people and children, particularly through sporting activities.

Organization of social events and camps for children and youth.

Information about Alzheimer's disease and treatment options.

Security municipal police.

Horses hafling.

This is the Church.

(Branch )

Charity GABRIEL CENTER - daily center and community center for seniors. Services that are in a day center for senior citizens provided are aimed at activating, training and educational services to ensure contact with the social environment, assistance in securing the rights and interests, care services and meals.

School for 107 pupils with a dining room and the band.

School for 60 children with a dining room.

School for 750 pupils with the band and dining room.

We provide sporting activities and events for all ages cvičence.

Nursery School with a capacity of 135 children, a dining room.

The village can be found at an altitude of 304 m, living here about 1544 inhabitants.

Helping people find a new chance.

Organization of worship in parish churches and chapels. Provision of teaching religion.

(Branch )

Middle School offers a four-year course of teaching science and economic Lyceum.

Product certification, testing, conformity assessment, certification of quality management systems and health and safety at work. Certification of environmental management systems, analysis of the risks of explosion, inspection, engineering, production engineering and marketing activities.

The scope of state administration and local authorities in the territory of the urban perimeter and Bartovice Radvanice.

The supported employment for specific target groups of disadvantaged citizens / members of ethnic minorities, young people after the end of the Constitutional Education and the graduates of retraining courses zaměstnatelných difficult group of individuals on the territory of the city.

Operation of a kindergarten.

We provide sporting activities and events for all ages cvičence.

Operation GROUPS.

School for 560 pupils with the band, dining room and club.

School for 255 pupils with the band and dining room.

Nursery School with a capacity of 56 children, a dining room.

City can be found at an altitude of 255 m, living here about 5478 people, you can visit the park or museum.

We support the integration of foreigners into Czech society.


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