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Marcel Zegzulka, reklamní služby

Production of advertising, graphic design, business cards, posters and calendars. Printing of Textiles and labeled cars. Creation of banners, sales of gift items.

Jahnova 951/5, Ostrava (Ostrava-Mariánské Hory a Hulváky)

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Alena Horniaková - Graving

Offer advertising works, labeled advertising expenses, cars and signs. Mediation engraved signs of plastic and metal.

Mírová 31/162, Ostrava-Vítkovice (Ostrava-Mariánské Hory a Hulváky)


The company is engaged in design, graphics and promotional items tiskem.Dodáváme, advise what to do and how well a particular process and vyrobíme.Nechlubím...

sháníme nový objekt, Ostrava-Bělský les


Hlubinská 1378/36, Ostrava

Ká glass s.r.o.

Novinářská 3, Ostrava

Grafické studio ABRUPTA

Kostelní 100/22, Moravská Ostrava


Gajdošová 52, Ostrava

Synergy Solution s.r.o.

Kubelíkova 1224/42, Praha

Bright Future s.r.o.

Bright Future s.r.o. - Advertising and marketing company. Offer of perspective and above-average paid job.

Milíčova 1343/16, Ostrava


We provide turnkey production company, advertising and social events. We supply large party, including tents and sound equipment. In addition, we provide - coverage of the stage, hostesses, inflatable attractions, entertainment, catering and beer service.

Pobialova 1432/23, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

RAYNET, s.r.o.

We offer development of corporate information systems to measure. We specialize in commercial, manufacturing and logistics processes. Other services include system integration, development webaplikací, web pages, network administration and implementation of telemarketing campaigns

Gen. Sochora 6176/6a, Ostrava

Agentura Orange, s.r.o.

Offer comprehensive advertising services company logo from processing to design and implement advertising campaigns

Boleslavova 841/15, Ostrava (Ostrava-Mariánské Hory a Hulváky)

AVE Soft, s.r.o.

Creator of database and information system Evolio with CRM implementations. Awareness of customer care in relation to monitoring and evaluating sales channels.

Nádražní 535/15, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

Snip Ostrava, s.r.o.

Provide outdoor advertising means of transport, gable walls, mobile and fixed advertising panels, guidance systems, billboards, corporate shields. In addition, we provide advertising for bridging, pipelines, outdoor labeled and labeled cars and audio advertising.

28. října 193/33, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

PAPILIO - advertising, spol. s r.o.

We offer services in large regional advertising and lease advertising space.

5. května 5039/22, Ostrava (Ostrava-Třebovice)

Pulary, s.r.o.

Promotion, marketing, media services.

Michálkovická 151, Ostrava (Slezská Ostrava)

Proimage, s.r.o.

Design, marketing.

Keltičkova 1296/58, Ostrava (Slezská Ostrava)

PT Capital, s.r.o.

Self-adhesive film, printed matter, advertising items.

Oty Pavla 883/4, Ostrava (Ostrava-Svinov)

Mareti CZ, s.r.o.

Marketing research and comprehensive market analysis.

Sabinova 713/2, Ostrava (Ostrava-Svinov)

Tomáš Rucký, reklamní služby

I offer services in the field of advertising.

U Studia 2654/33, Ostrava (Ostrava-Jih-Zábřeh)

TOBAS, spol. s r.o.

Advertising and marketing services. Offers advertising and marketing services, screen printing, newspapers, cardboard, printing clothes.

Mňukova 762/16, Ostrava (Ostrava-Jih-Zábřeh)

Tomáš Martinák, reklamní služby

Creation of ads, offer advertising services, rental of advertising space.

Václava Jiřikovského 145/40, Ostrava (Ostrava-Jih-Dubina)

Daniel Plecháček - Refol

Services advertising studies.

Rudná 1317/25, Ostrava (Ostrava-Jih-Zábřeh)

Milan Kučinski, reklamní potisky

Commercial printing stock facades.

U Rybníčku 33/16, Ostrava (Ostrava-Polanka nad Odrou)

Ladislav Neuwirth, nabídka reklamních ploch

Lease advertising space.

Nerudova 127/3, Ostrava (Ostrava-Vítkovice)

Marek Sadovský, modelingové služby

Modeling Services

Francouzská 6016/67, Ostrava (Ostrava-Poruba)

Režisérství and producentství.

Advice and consultation in marketing and media

Q.S.M., spol. s r.o.

Large ads, billboard, advertising

Nádražní 545/140, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

Mgr. Věra Byčanová - Asmeti - reklamní agentura

Advertising, advertising agency.

Nádražní 613/38, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

MgA. Aleš Nowák, grafické práce

Graphic and desingové work

30. dubna 1684/25, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

Media Content Experts, s.r.o.

Research on media content and related advice.

U Tiskárny 616/9, Ostrava

Marie Žochová - Agentura AM - reklamní služby

Advertising services.

Dr. Šmerala 1181/6, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

Marcel Fujcik - Marf, reklamní služby

Professional and comprehensive services in the field of advertising.

Přívozská 134/6, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

Marek Jurečka, tvorba reklamních polepů

Graphic design, application of labeled

Sokolská třída 2783/82, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

Reklama - Výstavnictví

Výstaviště Černá louka, Pavilon C, Moravská Ostrava

PAM Market, s.r.o.

PAM Group consists of a group of companies specializing in different types of corporate communication: consulting, marketing communication, advertising and public relations.

U Tiskárny 616/9, Ostrava

NewSocrat Communication, s.r.o.

Offer advice and media campaigns, production and implementation, to ensure editorial and graphic services, etc.

Mlýnská 617/1, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

Lenka Hatlapatková, reklamní agentura

We are a quality agency medium-sized suitable for clients with lower turnover. We will help you enhance the reputation of your business, not only within the com...

Porážková 1424/20, Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava)

Michal Pospiech, marketing

Internet marketing, media representation

Plk. Rajmunda Prchaly 4480/24, Ostrava


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